Advanced Calculators

  1. Calculator Advanced Online Scientific/Engineering Calculator.
    Arithmetic functions: Calculates the power of x to y element wise, Calculate the logarithm of a value, absolute value, Compute the square of a value, Calculates the power of x to y, Divide two values, Calculate the nth root of a value, Calculate the cubic root, Calculate the extended greatest common divisor for two values, Calculate the norm of a number vector or matrix, Add two or more values, Divide two matrices element wise, Calculates the modulus, the remainder of an integer division, Multiply two matrices element wise, Calculate the least common multiple for two or more values or arrays, Calculate the 10-base logarithm of a value, Calculate the exponent of a value, Compute the cube of a value, Subtract two values, Calculate the greatest common divisor for two or more values or arrays, Multiply two or more values, Calculate the square root of a value.
    Matrix functions: Flatten a multi dimensional matrix into a single dimensional matrix, dot product of two vectors, Create an array from a range, Create a matrix filled with zeros, Transpose a matrix, Create a matrix filled with ones, determinant of a matrix, cross product for two vectors in three dimensional space, Calculate the trace of a matrix, Calculates the kronecker product of 2 matrices or vectors, Calculate the principal square root of a square matrix, Transpose and complex conjugate a matrix, Calculate the inverse of a square matrix, Sort the items in a matrix.
    Trigonometric functions: inverse tangent function with two arguments, arccotangent, arccosine, hyperbolic arctangent, tangent, hyperbolic sine, hyperbolic arcsecant, cotangent, cosecant, hyperbolic arccosecant, hyperbolic arccotangent, hyperbolic cosecant, arcsine, cosine, hyperbolic arccosine, hyperbolic arcsine, arcsecant, hyperbolic cosine, hyperbolic cotangent, sine, hyperbolic secant, arctangent, hyperbolic tangent, secant, arccosecant.
    Statistical functions: maximum value, minimum value, median, standard deviation, sum and product of a matrix or a list with values, absolute deviation, mean value, variance, erf function.
    Probability functions: gamma function, Random Numbers, combinations, Multinomial Coefficients, Kullback-Leibler (KL) divergence between two distributions, factorial.